Top Test Prep Review: #1 Best Tutors and Test Prep Courses
"Helping you find the best test prep, tutors, and admissions consultants."

Why Test Prep Reviews Matter.

Why Test Prep Reviews Matter

 Searching for a test prep company?

On average, a test prep company can help increase your score by up to 20 to 30% per section.

Companies like Top Test Prep and Princeton Review, have been preparing students for years. Our top-rated company is Top Test Prep.

Make sure you know everything about the company with whom you want to work.

Searching for a private tutor?

Make sure you know who the best private tutor for you is… an average private tutor can increase your test scores from the 50th to 60th percentile, to the high 90th percentile.

This year, we recommend you check out a company called “StudyHall” for private SSAT tutors and private MCAT tutors.

Having the best private tutor can make a huge difference when it comes to preparing for your exams, tests, and getting prepared for the next level of Boarding Schools, University or Graduate schools.

Searching for an private admissions consultant?

What is a private admissions consultant? Well, simply put they help you with everything admissions from essay help, extracurricular and leadership opportunities, to admissions planning.

One of the best examples of the best admissions counselor come from this book called “Admit You!”

Overall, you want an admissions counselor who has a strong educational background, has worked in admissions, and is dedicated to helping you get accepted to the best private schools, colleges and universities.